DismantlingDismantling by Strathclyde Demolition

Our dismantling team can dismantle buildings that are to be kept for re-build or for recycling. All of our dismantling work is done by hand and with power tools used to unhinge/break away fitings.

Buildings we can dismantle range from: wooden sheds, portable metal sheds, and prefabricated sheds. When stripping larger buildings, we take out any loose fittings, then strip the building of flooring, doors and other secured fittings.

All fittings and removables are kept safely for any rebuild or recycle purposes.

DemolitionDemolition by Strathclyde Demolition

We offer a wide variety of demolition services. From sheds to warehouses and 3 storey buildings, there is no job to big or to small that we will not commit to.

Our Demolition methods see the use of large mechanical machines that are used to drag a building down to rubble. We can also demolish small buildings by hand. Using specialised equipment we can level buildings very effectively.

All demolition services are under-taken on time, completed within the deadline and on/within budget.

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Site ClearanceSite clearance by Strathclyde Demolition

After the Demolition of a building, small or large, there tends to be a large area of rubble and debris left behind. Our Site Clearance Service can sweep this rubbish away.

Using our Bulldozer we can push and lift this debris away into large trucks to be recycled/dumped.

Optionally, this service is also available to areas that have fallen victim to waste dumped on their premises, break out of vegitation around the grounds or if the concrete around your site has started to crumble away and need it cleared for new foundations to be set in.

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Hired Labour

Hired Labour by Strathclyde Demoltion

We offer a 24/7 hired labour service.

Internal Downtakings

Internal Downtaking by Strathclyde Demolition

We have a dedicated internal downtaking team who have all been trained to safely and carefully strip out any building internally to allow our client to fit-out the building.

Demolition Work Estimates

Demolition Work Estimates by Strathcldyde Demolition

We can provide a quotation for any demolition job in Scotland.

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